Are your co-workers gossiping at work about other people? Do you dread going to work on a daily basis? Do you often get blamed for things that you had no control over? Do you feel exhausted at the beginning of the day and have nothing left to give at home?

In May of 2021, a record number of employees left their job deemed ?The Great Resignation? by Anthony Klotz, a professor of management at the University College of London. The ?Great Resignation? has also been known as the ?Great Rethink? or ?Great Reshuffling.? Employees left voluntarily resigned from their jobs due to the covid-19 pandemic, lower wages, higher cost of living and job dissatisfaction. Many workers left due to the advantages that remote work offered.

Often a toxic workplace can contribute to a employee turnover, ill effects on employee health and other long lasting effects. We may be in a toxic workplace, but not know it. A toxic workplace is an environment where employees are in a constant state of high stress and anxiety. Your gut feeling is very important as to whether you are in a toxic workplace. I share below 9 signs of a toxic workplace.

9 Signs Of A Toxic Workplace

  1. Your Gut Feeling: You have a feeling in your gut that your workplace is toxic. You dread going to work or logging in to your work computer in the morning. This is a pervasive feeling that does not improve unless something massively changes at work.
  2. Gossipy Co-Workers: Did you just hear your co-worker stating ?She took credit for my work?? When employees often complain to their peers this can lead to gossip being the norm. In actuality, staff should take their issues to leadership or their managers.
  3. Unmotivated Workers: Employees display a poor morale and do not want to work hard. They may state ?What?s the point?? or ?I don?t want to do this any longer.? When employees show up, they provide poor quality work or make frequent mistakes.
  4. High Employee Turnover: A high rate of employee turnover in a short amount of time is another sign of a toxic workplace. You hear an employee is leaving after only being at this job for two months. This is one of the most obvious signs of a toxic workplace.
  5. Culture of Cynicism: Negativity is pervasive at work. You look around and co-workers are not smiling or are very reserved whereas they were more engaged and laughing in the past. A workplace filled with negativity is certainly a sign of a toxic job.
  6. Poor Work Life Balance: You may be asked to work late many weeknights or several weekends without additional compensation. You are not given the time needed with family or the flexibility to do things in your personal life.
  7. No Boundaries: Your manager or co-workers do not respect your boundaries, time off or vacations. You may be called at late hours for work related questions or on your vacation time. Or if you have stated your boundaries and your co-workers or managers still call you when you are taking time off.
  8. Fear of Retribution: Employees fear loss of their job if they take time off or put in vacation requests. Staff may also fear repercussions or reprimand for not working long hours. You may fear judgment from other co-workers or your manager if you take leave.
  9. Poor Communication: Your manager or co-worker are not communicating openly with you about their expectations or changes at work. You may find out from other staff about significant changes in your company and feel like you are the last to know.

Toxic workplace environments can lead to employee burnout. Burnout as defined by the World Health Organization is a ?syndrome conceptualized as resulting from chronic workplace stress that has not been successfully managed.? Burnout consists of three dimensions: feelings of energy depletion, increased mental distance from one?s job or feelings negative towards one?s career and reduced professional productivity.

If you think you are in a toxic workplace, ask yourself ?Am I valued?? and ?Do I want to continue to work here?? You need to make yourself a priority and learn to practice self-care. Productive employees have time for themselves and family while still doing well at work.