I am Puja Aggarwal MD, a Board Certified Neurologist and Epileptologist and a Certified Burnout and Growth Mindset Expert. About 4 years ago, I was experiencing burnout as a physician. I was working long hours, trying to manage taking care of her 2 children and trying to manage taking care of all the other unexpected parts of life.

I hired a mindset expert  as a way to help with my burnout. In just a few sessions, I was able to become more self-aware and change my mindset. I realized how my thinking was affecting my feelings and what occurred in my life. I went from overworked, overwhelmed and overtired to being more self-aware, being able to set boundaries and setting and achieving my goals. I had experienced such a change in my life that I wanted to help other female professionals with burnout.

In 2021, I started Zenful Brain to help other female professionals. I teach my clients with burnout to overcome life’s obstacles and become more self-confident, self-loving and self-compassionate.

I help female professionals to go from overworked, overtired and overwhelmed through identity work to identify their goals, reach their goals, flourish in their personal and professional relationships and to live the life of their dreams.

I am also a Neurologist and received my MD (Medical Doctor) degree at Northeastern Ohio Medical University. I completed my residency in Neurology at Ohio State University and a fellowship at Cornell University New York Presbyterian Hospital in Epilepsy. I currently work as a Principal Investigator for research in clinical trials and practice in Orlando Florida.

I now have found Zen in my life and enjoy enabling the same for other women.