One to One Transformational Coaching

You have. . .

...lost yourself in the climb up the corporate ladder

...placed yourself last while you raised your kids

...played small or wore a mask so you could fit in

...gotten lost in making sure everyone else was happy

...overwhelmed and living in stress daily

And you’re a highly motivated, highly intelligent woman who is successful in so many ways. But something doesn’t feel right.

Because something is out of alignment with who you are truly meant to be. I can help you see what that is. If you’re here, it’s likely because you believe that something in your life is missing or needs to change.

Women I work with have achieved great success. I help you to learn who you are, what your priorities are, learn to set boundaries, say "No", let go of guilt and build your self esteem to live the life you want!  

You get 1:1 coaching on Zoom weekly lasting 45 minutes, recordings of your sessions, support via text during the week, access to a portal with lots of great resources to help you succeed in life!

90 Minutes of Intense Power

1:1 power session

This session is designed for you to: 

Gain clarity around your behavior of people pleasing

To help you to see how these behaviors have affected your life

Learn my tools to learn to say "no" and set boundaries

Design an actionable preparation plan

Discuss specific concerns around setting boundaries

You will receive a recording of the session

You will also get access to a portal full of great resources to help you succeed!

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